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About Me


Hello! My name is Eva and welcome to my page.

I will tell you a little bit about me and how I became a Channel for Divine Forces and a healer.

All my life I looked for fulfillment, a life purpose, and something that would finally make me happy and fulfilled. I searched for it in the world and hoped to find it in a law university degree, extreme sports, work, relationships, personal development but could not find what I was looking for.

In 2018, I started to meditate because I learned, that to change the “outer life experience,” we have to get in touch and transform our “inner world”. In one meditation I had the unique experience of going into a deep place of total silence, stillness, and freedom, there was nothing going on and it was just so beautiful. From then on I knew, I want to experience that all the time.

I joined a meditation group “True Spiritual Awakening” led by Gareth Duignam who introduced me to spiritual transmissions for awakening consciousness. I learned, that energies have higher intelligence and they transform the whole human system so we can become our true natural self again. After a few months of regular practice, I started to feel and see energy, and could see lights, colors, and images with my eyes closed. I also started to experience significant changes in myself. I knew this is what I was always looking for. From 2020, I was guided by Gareth through the process of awakening consciousness. I went through the stages of Ignorance, Self-Realization, Unity Consciousness, Brahman and Parabrahman.

On this ongoing journey I realized that there is a lot of trauma, disadvantageous patterns, false beliefs, stuck emotions, and blocked energies stored in my system. My awareness grew as layer after layer was revealed to me. I sought to find healing and clearing out of these low vibrational energies. So in addition to meditation, I started working with a spiritual healer and channeler. After working with her for almost two years, the ability to be a channel and healer opened for me as well. I discovered that I can channel high vibrational Divine energies, which can help heal and clear people's energy fields and raise their vibration. I can see and feel peoples’ energy bodies and know what needs to be worked on. In addition to reading energies, I work with them and receive messages.

Now I am helping people on their own exciting journey of spiritual growth and transformation. With a desire to serve, I am very grateful for all that is unfolding.

In this Podcast I share my journey of Spiritual Awakening, interviewed by Gareth Duignam

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