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Free Healing Meditation on Zoom

Every Thursday at 8:00 pm GMT (Ireland/UK), 9:00 pm CET (Austria)

Every Thursday evening there will be a FREE Healing meditation held on Zoom. Everyone is welcome to join. There will be a transmission of high vibrational Divine Healing Energies, which helps to heal and clear the human system and to fill it up with love, light and truth.  Everything that happens during the healing meditation, is for your highest good. 


The Zoom meeting room will be opened at 08:00 pm GMT (09:00 pm CET) and we can chat for about 15 mins. The meditation will start at 08:15 pm GMT (09:15 pm CET) and will be on for 50 mins. The meditation will be held in silence, so please make sure your microphone is turned off and your camera is turned on. 

If you don’t have downloaded Zoom yet, you can find further instructions here.

To join the FREE Meditation on Zoom, click the button below – I am very much looking forward to seeing you there!

Please contact for the Zoom password. 

The Zoom healing meditations are offered for free. If you want to donate, you can click on the button below. Thank you very much - it is really appreciated! 

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