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10 Guided Meditation Online Program 

Discover Spiritual Growth and Inner Transformation with my 10 Guided Meditations Program

Are you feeling stuck on the path of spiritual awakening? Do you experience low vibrational energies such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness, and others? Do you have limiting patterns and beliefs that are holding you back? The 10 Guided Meditations Program is designed to help you overcome limitations, so you can have a more enjoyable life experience and discover your higher potential.

What You’ll Get:

The program offers a diverse collection of 10 guided meditations, each thoughtfully crafted to address different aspects of awakening and healing the human system. Whether you’re looking to remove blockages and limitations, connect to your true nature, open your heart, or experience Unity Consciousness, we have a meditation for you.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert Guidance: I am guiding you through all the meditations.

  • Convenience: Access your meditations online, anytime, anywhere, as often as you like – perfect to suit your needs.

  • Flexibility: Suitable for all levels, from total beginners to very advanced meditators.

Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Expand Your Level of Consciousness: Experience who you really are and what you are working towards on the path of spiritual awakening.

  • Get Rid of Heavy Emotional Baggage: Clear your system of low vibrational energies and make space for a higher Truth to come in.

  • Be in Alignment with Your Life: Experience being more aligned with life so that your life experience becomes more of a flow, more effortless, and more joyful.

  • Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health: Feel healthier and more in tune with your body and emotions.

  • Connect to a Higher Potential: There is a lot more out there for you than you might see at the moment. Connect to the higher possibilities that are already waiting for you.

Ready to embark on your journey to your Higher Truth?

Sign up now and take the first step towards a more aligned and balanced life.


Start Your Life-Changing Transformation Today!

What people are saying about the online program:

Wow, what a day! After sitting with the ‘Raise Your Vibration’ meditation, there was the energy and clarity of mind to do absolutely anything! The difference in the way I felt was incredible. The capacity to take on the day’s events was just so much greater than a normal day. I’m not lazy at all, but it was amazing how much easier it was to tackle every task. Nothing weighed on me. Everything was simple and easy. And any annoyances or small irritations from work etc only lasted momentarily and were soon forgotten. Rather than lingering like usual, they just passed by. What a difference this made. I felt so fresh, buoyant, and energised. Even started clearing cupboards that I’d put off clearing for about 7 years, with no effort at all. All resistance just disappeared, replaced with an effortless energy. It almost reminded me of taking MDMA/ecstasy in my younger years. Wow! If there were ever any small doubt about the power of energy transmissions, this experience totally put an end to that! Thank you Eva! ❤️ Hannah, UK


I went through all 10 sessions of this program in 3 days. It was most transformative!!! Soon after, I felt like floating through my day, I experienced great peace and happiness. That night while sleeping, I experienced being in a different reality as real as my daytime. The difference is that the cast of characters, except for myself, were all different and unfamiliar to me. I already started the program again. I encourage you to try it. I think you will find that this is a gift that will keep on giving! Best wishes, Bobby  USA

WOW!!!! I just did the Unity meditation. Amazing. Sooooo cool! There were two different parts: one where you cleared the ego energy, and then another where you released the egoistic boundaries of the corset. I felt more light entering the system, some pressure, and also relief. It's amazing how you can do this, Eva. Amazing. You are enabling others to have these experiences for themselves. This is amazing! Graham, Ireland

I just did the Abundance Meditation ,very good, I felt like you were talking to me, most of my life I live in abundance, is good reminder energetically how it feels…and to anchor it more...

What is cool about your guided mediations is they are basically a talk about a subject along with the direct experience, so nice! Joe, USA

Meditation Program

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