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Support Services - Recommendations

Here is a list of people I have worked with and personally know, who can support you on your path of spiritual awakening and healing, and whom I can recommend. They were guests on the  Endless Possibilities Podcast. If you want to learn more about them and their work, you can watch these podcast episodes:


Spiritual Awakening and Raising the Level of Consciousness:

Gareth Duignam is a spiritual teacher. His area of work is raising the level of consciousness, Shaktipat and awakening and raising Kundalini and meditation retreats. He wrote a book about his spiritual journey, which is called "Waking Up from the Dream: An Extraordinary Journey of One Man's Spiritual Awakening."

David Buckland "Davidya" is a spiritual teacher who helps people pre- and post-awakening. He has a blog where he regularly posts about awakening and healing, and he has a really good book called "Our Natural Potential: 
Beyond Personal Development, The 7 Stages of Enlightenment."

Partha Srinivasan is a spiritual teacher who teaches the Transcendence Technique "TT", channeled by Swamiji Sri Atmananda. This technique helps to clear the human system from Samskaras (karma) and helps to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness.

Energy Healing:

Dorothy Rowe is a healer. She offers healing in all areas of life in private sessions, group sessions where she teaches people how to heal themselves, and distance healing sessions.

Elizabeth Rose is a healer. She is an expert in consciousness exploration using channeling, hypnosis, spiritual healing, and a range of other powerful modalities. She offers private sessions.

Triona Sheeran is a Clinical & Spiritual Therapist, specializing specifically in ways to access higher consciousness, awareness, and self-healing modalities, as well as inner awareness for consciousness exploration, using various techniques including Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Method.

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., can access your Akashic records and give readings for all areas of life. She also works with the power of crystals for healing and is an astrological acumen.

Pellowah Healing is a healing modality that can be learned to be a practitioner and received as a healing technique. It helps to facilitate a Radical Shift in Consciousness and helps to raise collective consciousness as well. It is thought by Julie Parker.

Gareth Duignam

Partha Srinivasan

Triona Sheeran

Julie Parker - Pellowah Healing

David Buckland "Davidya"

Dorothy Rowe

Elizabeth Locey Ph.D.

Elizabeth Rose

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