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I am very lucky to be able to call Eva a dear, dear friend of mine. We have been friends for 2.5 years. In almost 30 years of spiritual practice, I have never seen anyone progress so fast to such an incredibly high level of Being in such a short space of time. It has been a privilege and a great joy to see her change so radically. 

Over the past year, and as a byproduct of her transformation and healing work, Eva's healing gifts have opened up. She has two special gifts which make her a really outstanding Spiritual Healer.

1. Eva is now a very open channel - this allows for very high levels / frequencies of energy to     descend & help heal and realign the clients who come to her.

2. Psychic gifts have opened for Eva; this is very, very helpful as it enables her to be able to:

i.   see the energies which are channeled for each person

ii.  see the changes in the person's energy field

iii. see images from the person's past if there are specific events which need healing.


I had a session with Eva recently and she was able to see specific events in my birth and in my childhood which needed healing. As a healer, Eva is very clear, precise, accurate, aligned and powerful - and this is a wonderful combination to have as a healer. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Graham, Ireland

I was very lucky to meet Eva a few years ago and we got along very well from the beginning. This was mainly due to her open, very honest and also joyful way of being. In our first sessions I immediately felt that these were different from what I had experienced before. I had energy work, channeling & healing sessions with many different people and have also learned some healing and energy work techniques myself. However, I found the sessions with Eva to be particularly profound and effective. Really every time during her energy transmissions my mind became so still and my body so relaxed that all stress and tension just melted away and I went into deep meditative states. Even if I can't always point to or name exactly what happened in the session or even what layers of holding on to old patterns were allowed to fall away, I feel a deep peace and sense of wholeness & unison after it. This often lasts for several days and integrates very organically into my daily life. No matter what situation I was in or what issue I came to her with, I was always welcomed with an open ear and an open heart. In my last Channeled Healing session, Eva addressed with perfect precision the very issues that I intuited were pending and important to me, all without me saying a word about them to her beforehand. The information that came through her made me look a whole lot deeper into this self-realization process, which touched me very profoundly. There is a great gratitude in me for her energetic work and her warm accompaniment in all the different situations of life. Eva is simply a wonderful person, a fantastic process companion & healer.

Patrick, Germany

Eva is truly a very gifted healer. What I like about her and her sessions the most is: she sees what is going on during the healing session on the energetic level and thus can immediately act efficiently accordingly, she receives messages which support and explain the healing process, in the channeled healing she can channel/offer the right combination and mix of frequencies tailored to the current needs of the person and topic, offering the highest possible healing is priority number 1, it is so easy and effortless to talk to her. Without being asked, I recommended her to my family and friends, that's how confident I am in her abilities to help. I am very glad I met her and can continue receiving support on my main goal and journey of continuing reaching and realizing higher states of consciousness and releasing all kinds of limitations and blockages. It is not just easier and faster with this additional help, but in certain cases I believe I wouldn't be able to do it on my own, because of my limited understanding and limited current skills.

David, Austria

I recently worked with Eva and I was impressed by her understanding, genuine care and dedication for the deep work. A practical knowing that comes for direct experience. Eva helped me and facilitated the process and connection to my inner self.  Her unique blend of healing practices, inner peace and trust made for a truly transformative experience. I highly recommend Eva to anyone that feels the call to go deeper on the journey of spiritual growth and transformation.

Michay, Romania

I have always been concerned with reflection to identify and let go of ingrained patterns. I wanted to grow and access areas I could not easily reach myself.

The great trust I had in Eva from the beginning, likely due to her open and honest nature, and a physical problem, were the reasons why I asked her for a healing session. With each session, there was relief for my physical problem. This also had a positive effect on my emotional life. One day after the session, I unexpectedly got an appointment with an excellent physiotherapist who was usually fully booked for month at that time. I understand that the healing session had to do with that. Another time, the healing session was so comforting because something was revealed to me, that could not have been clearer and helped me a lot to move forward. It showed me that I was becoming increasingly receptive to this type of healing and that it would bring me lasting energy and confidence in the long run. I am very happy that I found Eva, who works with me to set processes in motion that are important and valuable for my inner growths and, as a result, for my physical health.

Irene, Austria

I felt very blessed to meet Eva on an intensive retreat. 

Soon I recognized a highly sensitive being which was very devoted to Truth. 

During a healing session with her, I felt Divine energy streaming into my system and I knew intuitively, that I was in Divine hands. What she told me during the session, I recognized as the Truth. 

I know intuitively, that a healing process has started. I feel that my spiritual level got an upgrade by this gifted, pure, and clairvoyant woman.

Philomeen, Netherlands

We all need luck in life! Luck to me is, to be in the right place at the right time and to meet people who use their talents to help us. So I was really lucky to meet Eva. My thyroid had been giving me problems for years. A constant pressure that extended from my neck to my ears, especially when it was hot. The high inflammation levels were dismissed by the doctors as being caused by too much stress. After the first Channeled Healing Session with Eva, the pressure was gone. After the second session, I felt more space in my neck, the inflammation levels returned to normal, and I felt really good again. My treated homeopathic doctor was delighted with that kind of treatment. Healing could occur without medication and without much effort. It's a great blessing, thank you very much!

Riki, Austria

After having had several sessions with Eva I can honestly say I would recommend her to anyone, spiritual path or not. Eva is very caring and full of love and warmth and has amazing abilities that can heal on all levels. There are things that Eva has resolved for me that I would not likely have been able to get through myself. She has and continues to reveal my own abilities and connections. Every session is exciting and unique.

Andy, Ireland

I only have positive things to say about my sessions with Eva! My view of things has changed for the better. I am open to the spiritual world and Eva confirmed that I have spiritual abilities that will open up even more. After the session with Eva, I noticed that my abilities were already starting to open up. I was in the hospital and could see souls coming and going. I could write and report even more! All in all, I was very satisfied, the session helped me a lot and I will certainly repeat it if necessary.

Nadine, Austria

Eva is such an incredible healer! She was able to see clearly where I was stuck and effortlessly remove the blocks. The information was so precise and so true yet I had been unable to see it myself. The energy I am able to connect with now is much higher vibrationally and I am feeling a deep peace and a pure love. I can’t thank you enough Eva, what a blessing you are!

Kate, USA

In only a few sessions, Eva has been able to see the causes of and heal issues that I’ve been working on in therapy for years without resolving. She was also able to see the cause of chronic pain that I’ve been living with for well over a decade and there has been a great improvement in regard to that as well. Eva is an incredible healer and, in addition to that, a great teacher and guide on the spiritual journey. I feel very blessed to have been guided to her and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for healing and spiritual growth.

Emily, Sweden

Eva's magic hands deliver a fresh breeze, ushering in divine energies through the clear vessel of someone who herself has walked the difficult path and has the ability to understand and relate to where we may can be with our individual sticking points. Initially knowing Eva via the in person events of Gareth Duignam from early 2022 and subsequent events, my first healing session with Eva was a One-One session in early 2023 on the recommendation of another participant. Ever since then, attending her recorded Videos, Weekly Zoom and wonderful new Mini Group Sessions has become a regular feature on this magical journey, accelerating clearing and creating openings that ordinarily can be mired by our respective blind spots. Attending her online sessions whether while in a forest, or from a room, the energies have always been palpably felt whatever the setting, and each session tends to feature different hues and flavours where she is directed to work on particular areas or bring in particular energies. During one of my most recent Group Sessions with her in July 2023, a clear perception of a kiss on the third eye area, followed by multiple kisses on the heart area, naturally broke the flood gates wide open and afforded the means to open in awe and allow energies to flood in and reach areas we ordinarily may be guarding - in itself exhibiting that these potent energies know how to work with our individual wiring and locate the best avenues in order to lovingly open us up to trust and vulnerability for healing. Eva increasingly elucidates as to what happens during her sessions, and that list is long and great value for money. Always a joyous persona and honest with her feedback for our highest good, Eva is a great choice whether you are on a path of awakening and clearing the ground, or healing alone.

Adam, UK

I started working with Eva three months ago, at a time when I was content with my spiritual state and had lost my ambition for further progress. In that first session, she awakened the will in me for higher spiritual states by her words and by the energy she transmitted. And it's been an extremely rewarding and exciting journey ever since. I've been having one-to-one and group sessions with her since then as often as possible, and I can't have enough of them! Because there hasn't been a single session yet after which I haven't felt a noticeable change in my mode of being. The effects are usually immediately noticeable right after the session, but the following mornings are when I can observe the maximum change. After each one, I've been noticing that another energy or pattern that made up my ego is gone. There's more stillness, less attachment to the remaining desires, and I'm feeling emptier, in a very welcome way. Imagine experiencing such a shift every couple of days! Thanks to Eva, this has been my experience, and as a result, I don't have a sense of being a separate person, and I don't live in space-time anymore. There's only the present moment. There's life but no one that's living it. What's left of the ego is seen to be part of the dream, and for this reason, it can't bother 'me' anymore.


For these reasons, Eva's healings have been immensely effective for me. She has been finding and clearing energies that have been influencing my system, which can be thousands, perhaps even millions of years, when this soul belonged to a wild beast. 😄️️️️️️ And when she says that she cleared a particular energy, I know that it's true. I have seen the effects of those clearings in many dimensions, sometimes even physically in the way my organs function, after just one or two days. At any time, the most important things that should be cleared come up for her, and she clears them. So you don't even have to figure out anything yourself. After all, it's the Divine Mother and God doing the job through her. She also has this incredible gift of being able to ask any question for you, and she'll receive the answer. I've been enjoying the opportunity to ask my questions to God through her and receive answers instantly, and for me, it's been verified so many times that the answers she receives are always correct and precise. So basically, I trust everything she says to me, and I must add that I had always entertained a healthy dose of scepticism, until Eva. 😄️️️️️️ Eva's ability to relate to my situation and questions by her own experience is fantastic. She's been through all of this, and she knows what I'm talking about. And she can explain anything to me clearly without ambiguity. So apart from her spiritual gifts, I'm a fan of her mind and intellect, too. She's an extremely pure and lovely person and an amazing friend. She's literally a godsend to me for this part of my journey (and I feel for the rest of it), and I know for others, too. I am blessed to have such an amazing teacher, healer, and friend.

Polat, UK

I am so grateful to have found Eva, she has been an unbelievable help in my awakening process!  She has removed so much low vibrational energy from me and replaced it all with love, compassion, joy, and light! It seems too big of a task for someone to perform, but she does it with seeming ease in little more than an hour!  Her group healings somehow make every person feel that it was tailored specifically for them. I always feel lighter and more spacious internally after a healing as well as kinder, gentler and more loving. Eva literally sees and removes the lower level energies that we have accumulated in this life, and past lives, and removes them, poof! Gone. Each group healing has it’s own aspect, or feel to it.  Whatever low vibrational emotion I had been thinking about, fear, anger, sadness, shame, etc,  always manages to be the major topic. Once the negative energies are found she removes them, layer by layer. She  then fills everyone up with love, light and our own personal truth. This feeling of the light flowing in is so wonderful. It feels like she's pouring sunshine inside my body. I know everyone doesn’t feel or see it, but I do and it is glorious. It leaves me floating. The changes are immediate, but may take a while to be realized. As an example, she removed some anger I was feeling toward someone, and it wasn't until I was interacting with this person later that I realized I felt nothing but compassion. Anger was nowhere to be found! Eva herself is overflowing with  love, light and high vibrational energy that is healing in and of itself. She very compassionately tells how the energy got stuck, giving examples of past lives and currently in your life. She is truly a gift to the world.

Lori, USA

I first heard about Eva through the Endless Possibilities Podcast, which I love! After listening to all their podcasts, I signed up for their Darshan retreat in Ireland, which was really powerful. When I got back from Ireland, I worked with Eva to clear my Samskaras (Karma) that were keeping me triggered, frustrated and angry.  I have felt so much shifting since working with her. I almost can't believe it and get emotional thinking about how grateful I am she came into my life. I highly recommend her to anyone needing to shift deep patterns. She is quite amazing! 

Natasha, Portugal

One word sums up Eva's work in my experience: MAGICAL. After having been a guest on the Endless Possibilities podcast, I wanted to experience her work for myself, and she did me the favor of a private session. For years I have lived in a state of chronic pain, and she addressed it in many ways, including removing obstacles, stuck energy and also offering me very healing insights into a few past lives where I set up my twisted spine in this incarnation. The release was palpable at that point, and then she went on to replace my old spine with a crystalline one!! (As someone whose soul is paired with crystals, I cannot express how aligned this felt.) The very next day, I got to see my massage therapist, and he was shocked to feel that the bunched muscles and tortured spine from extreme scoliosis had settled down to make my back appear and almost normal to his trained hands. Eva, I am wowed by the power of your work, and so grateful to know that you exist in the world. I can't wait to join your group sessions to get regular boosts of this amazing healing.

Elizabeth Locy (, USA 

I feel truly blessed to have come across Eva and her beautiful healing sessions and meditations. She truly is a spark of beauty here to assist others awaken to their truth. It’s been nearly a year since I started working one on one with Eva and in more recent times in her group healing sessions.  It’s had a profound impact on my healing journey and awakening experience.  I have to say I love and look forward to Eva’s group healing session as they feel so powerful and despite been part of a small group they always feel so personal and relevant to my current life circumstances. Even when challenges arise Eva’s graceful presence keeps me feeling at ease and in a state of allowing.   I always come away from each session feeling that bit lighter and freer and with a deep sense of peace, knowing that deep healing and releasing has occurred.  Eva’s presence and energy transmission can be potently felt making me just want to close my eyes and smile and surrender to the beautiful energy as it moves through my body and system doing its thing.   I have no doubt that I was meant to meet Eva as she had allowed me to confront and embrace my deepest fears/pains and disabling beliefs. This, allowing the peace I’ve longed for, for so long, to slowly settle into my being. For this I will be forever grateful.

Nora, Ireland

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