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What is Channeled Healing?

​In Channeled Healing the channel calls in high vibrational Divine Healing Energies and transmits them to the client. The energies have a higher intelligence, which is beyond the rational mind. They know exactly what needs to be done for transformation and healing. Everything that happens during a session is exactly what the client needs at this moment. The energy field gets filled up with light, gets cleared, healed, and opened up for the connection to the Divine. Every session is unique, and everything happens for the client's highest good. 


The sessions are for anyone who feels drawn to them. They help to clear blocked energies and elevate the human system from lower vibrations. Messages are coming through, which help to make subconscious information known and accessible. The client's individual light gets realigned so it can flow more harmoniously and coherently. The end result is greater awareness and consciousness allowing for expanded light in the energy field and true alignment with your natural self.


The practice of clearing, healing, and connecting to the Divine creates space to become free from low vibrational ways of being and thinking. At a higher vibration, life is experienced to be more effortless, joyful, healthy, aligned, free, fulfilling, abundant, and loving. We become our natural Self. This is possible for everybody.

What happens during a Group Session?

The group sessions are held on Zoom and typically run for a duration of 90 minutes. In the beginning, there is some time to chat, ask questions, and share experiences. The healing lasts about 70 minutes. During that time, Eva shares everything she is working on. You can meditate along, be in a relaxed, open, and receptive state.


In the first 15 minutes, Eva works on your energy field, helping it to open up more, bring in more light, and function in a more balanced, harmonious, and optimum way.


During the remaining time of the session, Eva helps to clear low vibrational energies, stuck energies, blockages, childhood trauma, general trauma from this life experience, past life influences, and ancestral influences out of your energy field. Messages come through that aid in the clearing and healing process.


There will be a theme formed by the healing transmission during the session that benefits everyone attending and helps raise the vibration and consciousness. At a higher vibration, life is experienced to be more effortless, joyful, healthy, aligned, free, fulfilling, abundant, and loving. It also helps to move forward on the path of spiritual awakening.


At the end of the session, there will be some time to chat, share experiences, and ask questions.

This video contains a powerful Channeled Healing with Divine healing energies. Meditate along and experience the healing effects for yourself.

In this video, I perform a healing session on Gareth. By watching it, you'll gain a good understanding of my work and what to expect in the Channeled Healing Group Sessions.

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