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What is Channeled Healing?

​In Channeled Healing the channel calls in high vibrational Divine Healing Energies and transmits them to the client. The energies have a higher intelligence, which is beyond the rational mind. They know exactly what needs to be done for transformation and healing. Everything that happens during a session is exactly what the client needs at this moment. The energy field gets filled up with light, gets cleared, healed, and opened up for the connection to the Divine. Every session is unique, and everything happens for the client's highest good. 


The sessions are for anyone who feels drawn to them. They help to clear blocked energies and elevate the human system from lower vibrations. Messages are coming through, which help to make subconscious information known and accessible. The client's individual light gets realigned so it can flow more harmoniously and coherently. The end result is greater awareness and consciousness allowing for expanded light in the energy field and true alignment with your natural self.


The practice of clearing, healing, and connecting to the Divine creates space to become free from low vibrational ways of being and thinking. At a higher vibration, life is experienced to be more effortless, joyful, healthy, aligned, free, fulfilling, abundant, and loving. We become our natural Self. This is possible for everybody.

What happens during a Session?

The sessions are held online via Zoom. If you have booked a 60-minute session, we begin with a brief introductory conversation. You may ask questions or specify any particular issues you want to address during the session. The channeling takes about 50 minutes. I recommend you sit comfortably and meditate along during this time. During the transmission, I will share with you what is happening, what kind of energy is coming through, what gets cleared, where I remove blockages and what messages I get for you to look at and so forth. You can talk to me throughout the whole session. After the transmission is done, you can also share your experience and ask questions. 

In a 75-minute or 90-minute session, the process is similar. The additional time provides for more availability to talk and longer transmission.

This video contains a powerful Channeled Healing with Divine healing energies. Meditate along and experience the healing effects for yourself.

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