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  • How to integrate the energy? How to use the recording of the healing sessions?
    Eva recommends watching the recordings at least 3 to 4 times. The healing is fully accomplished during the session, but it is very beneficial to reconnect with it. The new changes in the energy field need time to integrate and manifest in everyday life experiences. By meditating to the videos, you can help speed up this process. You can meditate with the sound on or off; it doesn’t really matter. You will receive the recording within tow days after the session via e-mail. If you don't receive the e-mail, please also check your spam folder before you contact Eva.
  • What can I expect during a healing group session?
    Please read the information on the Channeled Healing page.
  • I can't find the option for booking a one to one session!
    Eva has stopped offering one-to-one sessions for now. If they resume, she will send out an email and share the information in the Telegram group. Having conducted hundreds of individual sessions, Eva has discovered that every person's energy field is essentially the same, and so are the stuck or blocked energies; only the stories are different. From a healing perspective, the group healing sessions are equivalent to the one-to-one sessions and they feel like individual sessions as well. Additionally, the energy in the group session is stronger compared to an individual session, which is highly beneficial.
  • Which online provider is used for the healing sessions?
    All healing sessions are remote healings and will be done online on Zoom. Zoom is for free and you can download it here.
  • How can Eva's energy healing help me?
    Eva’s energy healing can help you in many different ways. Most energy fields are often very blocked, with little energy and light flowing. Many people are identified with their small self/the ego. Eva helps to heal and clear your human system from low vibrational energies, stuck energies, blockages, childhood trauma, general trauma from this life experience, past life influences, and ancestral influences out of your energy field. She helps you to gain access to your true nature (pure Being) and experience it permanently.
  • How to use the healing videos on Youtube?
    You can meditate to the healing videos on YouTube multiple times. Every time, a new layer of energies is going to be cleared. There are multiple layers, so repeatedly meditating to them is really beneficial. You can just sit back, relax, meditate along, and feel into your body. The work is done in the energy body, which overlaps with the physical body. If you feel energies, then you will feel them in your body.
  • What is the difference between the free healing meditation on Thursday and the paid group sessions?
    There is a base transmission coming through me, which contains the information of the Highest Truth (Pure Divinity). This transmission (light or pure information - it is the same thing) is working on a cellular level and helps to transform your system towards your personal Highest Truth. This transmission comes through every time you work with me or watch one of my videos. Free silent healing meditation on Thursday: We meet on Zoom in a big group to meditate in silence together. The meditation is about 50 minutes and is also recorded on YouTube so that you can meditate to it again. This meditation is in silence and helps to go into a very deep meditation (Samadhi). I assist the base transmission of the Highest Truth to access deeper layers of your system. I work on everyone's system during the whole 50 minutes. Group Healing Sessions: During the group session, I share everything I do. You will know at all times what and where in your system I work on. For the first 15 minutes, I work on helping your energy field to work in a more efficient and optimum way. For the rest of the time, I clear low vibrational energies out of your system. I work on the whole group at once, but it feels like/is like an individual healing. You find a more detailed description on the Channeled healing page. Activation of the Spiritual Being: In these sessions, I activate the Divine part of your soul. It is held in silence, and I activate everyone's SB individually. For more information, please read the description on the Spiritual Being page.
  • How should I prepare for a group session?
    Best would be to take 5-10 minutes time before the session starts and already get comfortable and start to relax. If you have any questions, there is time in the beginning to ask them. Eva will explain exactly what she is going to do during the group session.
  • What do I need to do after a session?
    Do what you feel like doing in this moment! This is what we are working towards: that you are so free of everything that is in the way of you doing what you truly feel like. If you feel like sleeping, have a nap; if you feel like moving, go for a walk; if you feel like meditating, meditate. You can also eat chocolate if you feel like it :-)
  • How often should I join a healing group session?
    This is a question you have to answer for yourself. How many sessions do you feel drawn to do? Everyone is really different. There are people joining all the group sessions, and there are people who like to come once a month. It really depends on how fast you want your process to be and how much integration time you prefer. Just tune into your system and check. If you have never joined a group healing before, join one and then you can go from there. If you have joined group sessions before, you know how they feel and what changes come along with them. Healing Group Session: It took a whole lifetime to accumulate low vibrational energies, etc., in your system. It takes work, commitment, and patience to clear it all eventually. One session is not going to do it. Although every session brings about a change in you, which then manifests and changes your life experience. It is just an ongoing process. Activation of the Spiritual Being: One session is enough to activate the SB. If you can't connect to it yourself yet or if you just want additional help to move it forward faster, you are very welcome to join multiple group sessions. If you feel like you have the access and you can already work with it yourself, that's perfect, and this one session is all that was needed.
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