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What is the Spiritual Being
(also referred to as the Psychic Being)?

The Spiritual Being is the Divine part of our soul. It is dormant in most people's systems and can be activated. It lies very deep within the Being, behind the heart chakra. It can be activated and experienced. It is part of you and is just referred to as a being to make it easier to talk about. Its mission is to come forward and live its life through the human vessel. It is the possibility to live a Divine life on earth. It takes some time, and it is an unfolding process until it can be fully experienced all the time. It has a higher intelligence and will help from the inside out to reach that goal. It will work on and remove blockages and everything that is in the way to be able to live life through the human form.

How does the Spiritual Being feel like?

The Spiritual Being is the Divine part of your soul. It feels Divine, infinite, it never dies, it always just is, it is pure strength, totally clear, total peace and silence, pure potential, highest truth, unconditional love, and a lot more. If you experience it, all questions fall away, there is no right or wrong, true or false, it is just pure existence and Divine knowledge. Its energy is really beautiful and depending on people's perception, very enjoyable and blissful.

How does it feel, when the Spiritual Being is forward?

Life just seems like a flow of experiences unfolding. There are no problems or obstacles, just experiences appearing, with the answers on how to approach tasks provided. Everything just seems effortless and is unfolding in Divine perfection and timing. Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be. There is no resistance towards life, and life experience is just very enjoyable.

How does it get activated?

It can get activated very easily in a group session. Eva is digging it out of the depths of your being; she activates it, brings it forward, and anchors it there. It will stay forward for the whole session, and the nervous system can start to refine. For some people, it will stay forward for a while after the activation. From then on, it is possible to connect to it yourself.

How to approach an Activation of the Spiritual Being Group Session?

It’s best to come without any expectations and just be open for a new experience. People with a more refined nervous system, meaning people who are meditating, feel energies and have been on the spiritual path for a while, will feel it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people who just started with meditation won’t feel it. But there is a possibility that the system is not ready for it yet. For some people, it might even feel familiar because they got in touch with it already. The group session can be done over and over again if you feel drawn to that. It will help and accelerate the process of it coming and staying forward.

Book recommendation: If you want to know more detail about the Spiritual Being, you can read
Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s book about the Psychic Being, Soul: Its Nature, Mission, and Evolution.

You can meditate to this video to get a taste of how the Spiritual Being feels like. 

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