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Endless Possibilities Podcast

by Gareth Duignam and Eva Müller

Eva and Gareth are both working on the field of energy and spirituality. Eva works on healing the human system and Gareth works on awakening consciousness. In this Podcast, they share about their experiences of working in these fields, of their own spiritual journey and discuss various topics related to healing and awakening consciousness. They both work with energy transmissions and are helping people all over the world to reach their highest potential and to reconnect to their true natural self.  

The podcast is available on Youtube and all the major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music.

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Episode # 1: Eva and Gareth talk about energy healing, trauma removal, Unity Consciousness, Kundalini Awakening and Brahman Consciousness.

Episode # 2: Eva and Gareth are talking about Eva's journey of spiritual awakeing

Episode # 3: Eva and Gareth talk about becoming a healer, mantra and malas, triggering as a tool for self discovery, spiritual books, the importance of having a healthy body for awakening and healing.

Endless Possibilities Podcast # 5: Eva is interviewing Gareth about his journey of spiritual awakening and how he became a spiritual teacher and guide.

In this Podcast Gareth Duignam and Eva Müller interview Elizabeth Rose. She is an Author, Speaker, Hypnotist, NGH Certifie Hypnosis Instructor, and Spiritual Healer who specializes in Deep Trance Channeling.

Episode # 4: Gareth and Eva talk about transmissions and energy work

Endless Possibilities Podcast # 6: This is an podcast with Gareth Duignam and Eva Müller, topics included in this talk are the law of attraction and manifestation.

Welcome to Episode 8 of EPP! In this episode, we dive into "The Path of Surrender" - a journey of letting go, embracing uncertainty, and opening up to endless possibilities. 

In this mind-blowing episode of Endless Possibilities Podcast, we dive deep into the transformative journey of Diana Kasperska. 

Ever wondered about the spiritual aspect of our existence? In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of the "spiritual being" and its transformative power.

Endless Possibilities Podcast Episode # 11: Interview with Julie Parker. Julie is a spiritual healer, who helped to bring Pellowah Healing to Europe and has trained hundreds of people the Pellowah Healing modality all over Europe. 

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