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10 Guided Meditation Program

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This online program contains 10 guided meditations that will help you heal and clear your human system of blockages, traumas, low vibrational energies, and more. These meditations are tools to assist you in healing yourself. All meditations are guided by Eva and contain a transmission and energy work that facilitates the healing and clearing process. They address common human topics found in all energy systems. The goal of these meditations is to give you more clarity about who and what you are, and to increase your connection to your Higher Truth and True Nature. This new way of experiencing yourself and being connected to the Divine and your True Nature will help you be more aligned with life. Life experiences will become smoother and more enjoyable. The blockages that disconnect you from experiencing more love, light, and truth will be thinned out and removed. There are three introduction videos and 10 guided meditation videos waiting for you. All meditation videos have a duration of between 20 and 45 minutes. All videos are available immediately, and you are free to choose which ones to meditate with. The videos are available for at least 12 months (but probably longer). Please note that refunds are not possible.

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