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Channeled Healing Group Sessions

The Channeled Healing Group Sessions are for everyone. Everybody is welcome to join! In this group sessions, powerful healing energies are transmitted, which help to transform the human system towards more love, light and truth. They help to clear blocked energies, expand the energy field, and elevate the human system from lower vibrations. Everybody’s individual light gets realigned so it can flow more harmoniously and coherently. The result is greater awareness and consciousness allowing for expanded light in the energy field and true alignment with your natural self. The practice of clearing, healing, and connecting to the Divine Mother creates space to become free from low vibrational ways of being and thinking. At a higher vibration, life is experienced to be more effortless, joyful, healthy, aligned, free, fulfilling, abundant, and loving.


Structure of the session: The sessions will be held with a small group of 10 people. In the beginning, there is some time for answering questions. The Channeled Healing Transmission will be already transmitted during that time and throughout the whole session. For about 70 mins, I will work on everybody’s energy field as a group and on every individual once for a certain amount of time as well to heal individual and specific issues. The healing will be done in silence, and everybody can meditate along. Everybody will receive exactly what is needed in this session. In the end, there will time for sharing and answering questions. 


Who are the group sessions suitable for: The group sessions are for everybody who wants to receive healing and feels drawn to them! They are for people who are on the spiritual path to move forward, for people who may just want to improve their health or want to raise their vibration to have a more fulfilling life experience. 

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel an event, please let me know 24 hours before the event starts. I will refund the payment to you. If you want to book a new group session, please look at the available events and book your next session there. If you are not making it to the event and you don’t let me know 24 hours beforehand, I will include you in the  group healing session and you will receive the healing, even though you are not there. The payment will not be refunded in that case. Thank you for understanding. 

Recording of the Group Sessions: Please note that the Group Sessions will be recorded for documentation purposes and will be shared with all participants. These recordings may also be utilized for various purposes such as inclusion in online libraries, creation of YouTube content, or short clips. Your participation implies consent to the recording and potential use of the content as described. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us prior to the session.

Upcoming Events

If the event is booked up, you can't register for it anymore. Please register for the next one available. There are always events open and new once will be added regularly. 

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