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The Power of Darshan: A Transformative Journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

The ability to give Darshan got activated

In the serene backdrop of a spiritual retreat in Portugal in September 2023, something remarkable unfolded – the ability to give Darshan was activated within Eva and Gareth. Darshan, an ancient practice of transmitting spiritual energy through sight, took center stage. This profound experience marked a significant opening in their spiritual work.

The Flow of Darshan Energy

The Darshan energy flows out through various parts of body like the eyes, hands and feet. It is immensely potent, exuding power and encompassing all aspects of one's being. What makes it extraordinary is that it originates directly from the Divine Mother, and Eva and Gareth became its conduits for the first time. This energy is distinct from what they had worked with previously. It cascades down like a radiant blanket of light, enveloping both the facilitators and the recipients.

A Gateway to the Soul

During Darshan, Eva and Gareth sit in chairs, with cushions placed in front of them. Participants kneel before them to receive this transformative energy. Their hands gently touch the recipient's head, establishing an immediate connection. The gaze into the recipient's eyes opens a direct portal for the energy to flow seamlessly into their souls. There are no barriers, distractions, or blockages; the energy moves through, unobstructed, like a river flowing through an open gate.

Remembrance and Release

Darshan serves as a conduit for the transmission of pure information. It guides the soul to remember its true nature and its purpose in this existence. Having undergone countless incarnations and lifetimes, the soul embarks on a journey to recall its essence and reunite with the Divine. Eva and Gareth, through Darshan, gain insight into the obstacles that impede individuals from experiencing their true selves. They perceive beliefs, blockages, masks, the ego, the veil, and more, providing clarity on the path to self-realization.

Silent Meditation for Integration

Following the Darshan experience, participants engage in silent meditation to integrate the energy received. The room is imbued with the Darshan energy, a radiant tapestry of lights, each carrying unique qualities and purposes. This energy works on every individual's system, providing precisely what is needed for their highest good. It is a blend of beauty and power, akin to a warm bath of love and light, cleansing away all that does not align with the highest truth.

Touching Souls

Receiving Darshan is an incredibly moving experience. Participants feel the direct flow of divine energy into their souls, leading to profound and beautiful moments of realization. Some recount being filled with unconditional love, experiencing the infinite expanse of the Universe, recognizing the Divine Mother, and being deeply moved by the remembrance of their true selves. Others have shared the feeling of trauma and blockages being removed from their systems, resulting in relief, lightness, and an overwhelming sense of love. Every Darshan experience is unique and tailored to the individual's needs.

A Sacred Path to Awakening

Darshan, as a practice, represents a sacred and potent method of guiding individuals along their path of spiritual awakening and healing. It assists in the journey toward self-realization and the complete awareness of one's true nature. The transformative power of Darshan serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the way for those who seek to reconnect with their higher selves.


To get a direct experience of Darshan, you can meditate to this video. Look into Gareth's and Eva's eyes for the first 5 minutes, to receive the Darshan, then close your eyes and meditate along.

Endless Possibilities Podcast - Episode #13: Eva and Gareth are talking about how the ability to give Darshan opened up for them, wha Darshan is and how it's transformative can help on the journey of spiritual awakening and healing.

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