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"The Spiritual Being (Psychic Being): Exploring the Divine part of our Soul"

Updated: Dec 9, 2023


In the vast world of spiritual exploration, one theme that has been captivating the hearts and minds of many seekers is the concept of the Spiritual Being. This beingness, residing within all of us, is the Divine part of our soul, tucked away in the depths of the back of the heart. As we traverse the path of spiritual awakening, some individuals find themselves closer to activating this profound aspect of their existence. It is in this activation that they may confront the remaining traces of human experiences and traumas, paving the way for a realization of their true nature. In this blog post, we'll delve into the journey of the activation of the Spiritual Being within and the transformation it brings.

Understanding the Spiritual Being

Before we embark on this profound journey, let's clarify what the difference is between the "Spiritual Being" and "awareness." At the core of our being lies awareness— the pure observer, the witness to all experiences. It is the essence that allows us to perceive, without attachment to joy or sorrow, and it often provides a sense of profound freedom. However, awareness alone lacks emotional depth or bliss; it is simply the observer.

In addition to awareness, there exists another layer of our individual consciousness, often referred to as the spark of the Divine or the Psychic Being. This is the Divine part of the soul, but there is also a lower aspect—the ego and intellect—that are intricately intertwined with our mind.

Activation of the Spiritual Being

The Spiritual Being, often referred to as the Psychic Being in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, represents the Divine facet of our soul. It shines with clarity, possesses full awareness, exudes strength, infinite wisdom, and is inherently flawless. When one's Spiritual Being becomes activated behind the heart and anchors itself within the third eye chakra, it begins an expansion throughout the entire human system.

The primary purpose of this activation is to enable the Spiritual Being to unfold within the human system and experience life through the human body. As the Spiritual Being awakens, it initiates an internal transformation process. It actively engages in clearing traumas, removing energetic blockages, and expanding the human system. These preparatory steps are essential for the Spiritual Being to emerge and remain in the forefront.

Throughout this ongoing process, the structural boundaries of the human form gradually dissolve and recede into the background. However, it's important to note that this transformation is a gradual journey that requires time. Both the physical body and the nervous system must attain a certain level of readiness, and the spiritual seeker needs to reach a certain level of consciousness to facilitate the Spiritual Being's progression forward.

In Conclusion

The journey of awakening to the Spiritual Being within is an intricate and transformative process. It begins with awakening of consciousness, healing the human system and leads to the activation of our Spiritual Being, the Divine part of our soul, the source of profound wisdom and power. This awakening allows us to transcend the limitations of our humanness, embracing the perfection of the present moment. As we continue to explore this topic, there is a world of depth and wonder to uncover on this remarkable journey of awakening consciousness and transformation beyond the human experience.


You can get an experience of the Spiritual Being by meditating to these videos. You find more videos on my Youtube Channel.

Endless Possibilities Podcast - Episode #10: Eva and Gareth are talking about the nature of the Spiritual Being and it's transformative power.


If you feel drawn to explore the Spiritual Being more fully and get it activated, you can join one of the Activation of the Spiritual Being Group sessions.

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