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What are Spiritual Transmissions?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Spiritual Transmissions

In the vast realm of spiritual awakening and transformation, one profound tool has emerged to guide seekers on their journey: spiritual transmissions. These energies, directly channeled from Source, possess the potential to create remarkable shifts in consciousness and heal and clear the human system. The beauty of these transmissions lies in their diverse experiences and the transformative impact they offer to recipients, depending on their source and intended purpose.

Energy as Pure Information

Energy, in its essence, is pure information that the human system absorbs and, in response, can profoundly influence and transform itself. This energy is absorbed by the human system, and its impact can lead to profound changes within an individual. When this energy flows from someone who has realized the Absolute Truth, their fully illuminated consciousness and healed human system can serve as a catalyst for the recipient's awakening and healing journey. The process is not just beautiful but also transformative, rapid, safe, and effective.

Beyond the Constraints of Time and Space

One of the remarkable attributes of energy transmissions is that they transcend the limitations of time and space. Existing on an energetic plane untouched by the constraints of our physical world, these transmissions can be received in person or remotely. This opens the door to the convenience of online sessions, making these energies accessible to individuals around the world. Energy transmissions can also be recorded in various formats, from videos and audio recordings to written content. They can be integrated into one's spiritual practice through online or in person one-on-one sessions and group sessions, online resources like YouTube, books, podcasts, or audiobooks.

Eva's Journey with Energy Transmissions

Eva's personal journey with energy transmissions began early on her path of awakening consciousness. Daily meditations to these transmissions proved to be a catalyst for her rapid spiritual evolution. After a profound and life-changing experience in September 2022, during which she merged with the Divine Mother and shifted into Brahman, she became a dynamic channel for these energies. This newfound connection allows her to work directly with the Divine Mother's light, containing all the qualities of existence. Eva's guidance leads her to use specific qualities of these lights for healing the human system, activating the Spiritual Being, and giving Darshan.

Working on a Cellular Level

The energy transmissions Eva works with have a profound impact, operating on a cellular level and vibrating at the highest frequencies, such as love, light, and the highest truth. They target lower vibrations and transform them into higher ones. Those who can feel energy often experience these vibrations throughout their body, a delightful and beautiful sensation. Recipients may feel love, see light, experience a sense of being held and cared for, all while undergoing serious and transformative work within their system. Importantly, whether one can feel the energy or not, the work is still being accomplished.

Choosing the Right Transmission and Meditation Frequency

When choosing to engage with energy transmissions for the purpose of awakening and healing, one may ponder which transmission is most suitable and how frequently it should be practiced. Consider how the energy makes you feel: Do you resonate with it? Does it bring about positive changes your life experience? Assess how you feel after the transmission. It's crucial to align with the person transmitting the energy, ensuring their approach resonates with your spiritual journey. Each individual's sensitivity varies, so the frequency and duration of energy transmissions will differ. Some may find a few sessions per week sufficient, while others may benefit from multiple hours each day. Avoid overwhelming your system by exposing yourself to too many different transmissions from various facilitators simultaneously. Allow time for the energy to work on your system and integrate the transformative experience.


In conclusion, spiritual transmissions are a remarkable tool for those on a quest for higher consciousness and inner healing. They offer an opportunity for individuals to experience inner transformation in a beautiful and profound way. Whether you're seeking to expand your consciousness or heal and clear the human system, consider exploring the world of spiritual transmissions as part of your spiritual journey.


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