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Heal to be Free!

Welcome and join me on the exciting journey of spiritual growth and transformation beyond this world!

News and Updates

Such an amazing Interview by Dorothy Rowe

Dorothy interviewed Gareth and Eva about their spiritual journey, their healing work and they discussed some very interesting spiritual topics.

Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is also called - The TUBE: Welcome to this guided meditation video by Eva on em-healing. Eva will help you release low vibrational energies and clear your system from anything that is not serving you anymore. In this video, Eva will cover opening up the energy field, clearing surface energies and thoughts, accelerating life energy, opening up energy channels, and installing an energy tube to help you give away everything, that is not serving you anymore.

Channeled Healing

  • Healing and clearing the human system from blockages, trauma, stuck energies, conditioning, misunderstandings, past life influences etc.

  • Expanding awareness and raising consciousness 

  • Connecting to the Divine

  • Connecting to one’s true nature

  • Expanding and realigning individual light in the energy field 

  • Activation of the Spiritual Being

  • Opening up to your highest potential

  • Making subconscious information known

  • Achieving a more effortless, joyful, healthy, loving, abundant and aligned life


Lori, USA

I am so grateful to have found Eva, she has been an unbelievable help in my awakening process!  She has removed so much low vibrational energy from me and replaced it all with love, compassion, joy, and light! It seems too big of a task for someone to perform, but she does it with seeming ease in little more than an hour!

Upcoming Events

Hello, my name is Eva and welcome to this site!

Through walking the Spiritual path, awakening consciousness and healing the human system, I have been gifted to become a spiritual energy healer. Now I am helping people on their own exciting journey of spiritual growth and transformation.


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